- Lunch takeaway order - order time: 10:30am to 11:30am; pick up time: 12:30pm to 1:30pm
- Dinner takeaway order - order time: 4:30pm to 5:30pm; pick up time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

- Enjoy 15% off gourmet takeaway.
- A complimentary 7UP or Coke per bento box with a minimum order of two bento boxes per transaction.

A la carte menu online ordering:
Please visit here

For bookings and enquiries, please contact:
- Cafe Lagoon: +852 2452 8448
- Satay Inn: +852 2452 8822
- YUÈ: +852 2452 8668
Cafe Lagoon - Bento Box A
Delicacies include:
- Fusilli pasta salad with roasted pumpkin and mushroom, Teriyaki chicken rice, Pan-fried pork dumplings (2 pieces), Seasonal vegetable
@ HKD100.00 HKD85.00
Cafe Lagoon - Bento Box B
Delicacies include:
- Daily soup, Seafood spaghetti carbonara, Pan-fried pork dumplings (2 pieces), Seasonal vegetable
@ HKD120.00 HKD102.00
Satay Inn - Bento Box C
Delicacies include:
- Singaporean chicken curry, Seasonal vegetable, Roti canai (2 pcs), Steamed rice
@ HKD130.00 HKD110.50
Satay Inn - Bento Box D
Delicacies include:
- Fried kway teow, Fried carrot cake, Fried Chinese kale with garlic, Sambal ikan bilis
@ HKD150.00 HKD127.50
YUÈ - Bento Box E
Delicacies include:
- Daily nourishing soup, Sweet and sour pork with pineapple, Barbeque pork with scrambled eggs, Sauteed minced pork with green beans, Steamed rice
@ HKD150.00 HKD127.50
YUÈ - Bento Box F
Delicacies include:
- Daily nourishing soup; Steamed pork dumplings (2 pieces); Stewed eggplant with fish fillet in chilli bean sauce; Braised baby cabbage with Chinese mushroom; Steamed rice
@ HKD160.00 HKD136.00
Add-on item - Black Forest Cream Cake (one portion)
Black forest cream cake with cherry filling and chocolate mousse
@ HKD38.00
Add-on item - Cheesecake with Mixed Berries (one portion)
Creamy cheesecake with mixed berries
@ HKD38.00
Add-on item - Pandan Cake (one portion)
Pandan cake
@ HKD38.00
Add-on item - Sweetened Walnut Cream (one portion)
Sweetened Walnut Cream
@ HKD38.00
Add-on item - Sweetened Almond Cream (one portion)
Sweetened Almond Cream
@ HKD38.00
Add-on item - Daily Nourishing Soup (one portion)
Daily Nourishing Soup
@ HKD38.00
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