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Pandan Chiffon Cake (standard size)
@ HKD180.00 HKD153.00
Fresh Fruit Cream Cake (1-lb cake)
@ HKD258.00 HKD219.30
Chestnut Mousse Cake (1-lb cake)
@ HKD258.00 HKD219.30
60% Chocolate Mousse Cake (1-lb cake)
@ HKD278.00 HKD236.30
Double Cheese Cake - Yuzu Cheese & Baked Cheese (1-lb cake)
@ HKD278.00 HKD236.30
Mango Mille-Feuille (1-lb cake)
@ HKD298.00 HKD253.30
Black Forest Cake (1-lb cake)
@ HKD298.00 HKD253.30
Green Tea & White Chocolate Mousse Cake (1-lb cake)
@ HKD298.00 HKD253.30
Safari Fun Strawberry Mousse Cake (1-lb cake)
@ HKD298.00 HKD253.30
Young Coconut Crepe Cake (standard size)
@ HKD440.00 HKD374.00
Flower Blossom Passion Fruit Mousse Cake (standard size)
@ HKD680.00 HKD578.00
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